Touch In Human Life

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Roksana Alam
Prof. Kendall
English 97
Fall 2012

“ Touch in human life”

Touch is a special and sensitive part of our body, it’s always bond with each people.
Touch, and sense are most necessary to developed their movements, protect their safety, conversation with others, and use their sense-touch to learn something’s. Touch always effect for communication, and have an effect person’s behavior. Touch connect with his emotions from inside the body- part, and it is very amazing for every body ability to feelings. Touch is important for us, because we can feel certain things like windy ---- able to feel hot and cold, also the shakingness too.. When a child walked with their parents by touching hands, they can feel their touch with Safe and comfortable. We can give example about Helen killer and Anne
Sullivan, Malcom X and Bimbi, and Catherine and Jason. When they touch each others ; their touch was emotionally , and metaphorically. The touch , and sense both are important for deaf, and blind peoples. Blind persons used their hands to tell, to feel some things by touching others . Other way , the deaf persons doesn’t see or hear any things, so they communicate with their hands by touching , feeling others. They showed their feelings -- emotions by touching other people face , hands, and recognize them . Without touch and sense , blind and deaf peoples cannot think anything about their life. Touch and sense is a vital part of peoples life.

The sense of touch is as important when I read the book of Helen killer, or saw the movie “The Miracle Worker” , I felt touch is very important for the deaf, and blind person’s.
Helen’s touch connect with Anne Sullivan’s for learning words by touching hands, and face to feelings . When Anne met Helen she was not disciplined girl , she didn’t know about out side world what is going on! It was a challenging job for Anne to modified Helen to the society for standing with normal people. Touch and sense together works for Helen’s life. Between touch ,Helen learns so many words, and communicate with others. Helen made her hard life so smooth, and perfect with communicating by touch. Helen was a bright, and brilliant girl , by touching she understand everything , and teacher Anne gave her all stability , energy, and education whatever Anne earned from her childhood. Helen taught sign language by touching and she found able to go up for her education and succeeded herself.

Helen never gave up , she always encouraged herself and by her teacher Anne
Sullivan. Helen was deaf and blind but she was able to communicated directly and independently work with others. Anne Sullivan’s touch transformed Helen ,so Helen developed her responsibility and finally she touched her power—dream by helping her teacher Anne
Sullivan . Helen and Anne always great perfect image for the deaf, and blind peoples. They showed their power in the world than blind and deaf people can do whatever they like to do.
Helen always a great image for the peoples life.

Touch also worked with Malcolm X. In the movie , Malcolm X , I saw he was not a good