Malcom X Journals Essay

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Felicia Ferreiro
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Malcom X Journals

Entry #1 (option 10)
"Where "nigger" had slipped off my back before, wherever I heard it now, I stopped and looked at whoever said it. And they were surprised that I did." I choose this quote because it shows how Malcom changed from a misbehaving teenagers to a prideful and aware adult. The entire books shows the readers how strong he was by showing the terrible ways he was treated and how he handled it so politely and pridefully.

Entry #2 (option 6)
"When you become an animal, a vulture, in the ghetto as I had become, you enter a world of animals and vultures. It becomes truly the survival of only the finest." I chose this passage because I feel as if it portrays Malcom's intense strength. He was put through terrible and unbearable situations and as a vulture or animal would he fought to survive which made him strong and as wise as he eventually became.

Entry #3 (option 1)
Malcom X's writing is very honest, he doesn't sugar coat anything. He tells us the readers every little detail because he wants us to come as close to experiencing what he did for ourselves. A majority of people know how awful whites treated the blacks in history. You can pick up many books and read all about it but never has there been someone to spell out exactly what it was really like from their own perceptive so descriptively other than Malcom X.

Entry #4 (option 4)
I am very distrurded by the actions that Malcom describes, the racist language he shows the readers which were acceptable terms though they are unsetting for people today. Sometimes, I feel anger towards the way that Malcom speaks about white people. Although, I can’t hold it against him because I understand why he feels the way he does. People of color like he were treated much worse than the way he just describes the whites.

Entry #5 (option 7)
“Negroes”, “shock”, “the white - man”, “domineering”, “cruelty” – these words create a very negative and dark tone. Malcom is extremely racist and especially towards the whites and he doesn’t try to hide it what so ever. He wants to readers to know how he feels and maybe cause them to even feel like that experienced what he did so they can better understand where he is coming from.

Entry #6 (option 8)
“But the Muslim world’s customs no longer seemed strange to