Man and Supportive Supervision Essay

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Results :
Through the Examination of the demographic variables, it showed that younger individuals had more dependents and that women were more likely to be in a dual career situation than men, and that women worked fewer hours per week over men.
Individuals with three or more dependents have a negative association between supportive supervision and family functioning, while those with no or one dependent had a poitive association. Therefore individuals with less dependents such as number of childen, it will be less functional for the family.
Supportive supervision and family well being are not related for those in a dual career situation, however there is a positive relationship between family well being and supportive supervision for those in a dual career situation.
& Interestingly temporal flexibility is unassociated with work/family balance measure in this study and supportive supervision was only associated with invreased employee citizenship.
It is concluded that operational flexibility is the cultural dimension most often associated with aspects of family work balance. It is not only asociated with work satisfaction but also famil well being.
The implications of this reading is that although operational and temporal flexibility and supportive supervision are designed to give employees more freedom to pursue rewarding activities at home and to work out role conflicts, these cultural characteristics do not determine whether individuals will actually do so.
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