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Wealth And Fame Do Matter A business manager is a person who leads a group and runs the business. Many people desire to become a businessman because of the income and fame. But also consider of the challenges and difficulties, many of them will finally fail and quit to find another way for living. Although becoming a business manager nowadays seems like a rough and tough challenge, people still want to be part of this field. As an competent business manager, people need to have strong self-management skills. So they must have a specific schedule and follow it. Also they need to have some leadership and social communication experiences. In this sense, abilities of self-control, leadership skills and sociability are necessary to be as a business manager. Business is a world full of opportunities. Because there are as many business as there are services, products and thoughts. That means, there are as many competitors as there are chances. The world of business is filled with opportunities and challenges. The career of business manager has began with the industrial age. For proof from the database, in the industrial age, as a complex factory system became completed, the quantity of workers grew fast. And the workers became professional in their job. Therefore, they needed some people to operate the workers and organize their works. Facts from database says, “workers became specialized in a limited number of tasks, which required managers to coordinate and oversee production ”( Business Managers). At that time, a manager was just a leader of the group and made sure every single person is working on their spot. But as there more and more new products appeared on the market, the factory system divided into different departments to process. In this case, management more specialized and more complex. According to the database, “as businesses began to diversify their production, industries became so complex that their management had to be divided among several different managers, as opposed to one central, authoritarian manager ”(Business Managers). There were some larger companies have been created and business manager has became a major career in the 1920s. Nowadays, business become one of the most important part of world. Business becomes a important life in the ancient time and it also helps the United Stats became independent. According to the article on the database, “as long as people have been exchanging goods and services for payment of some sort, business transactions have been a part of life. Business was one of the factors that led to American independence, when the early settlers, who wanted to develop their own businesses and industries, rebelled against England's economic constraints ”(Business). Basically, business is a service offering products which people needs and makes profit. Article for proving says, “all businesses can be defined as organizations that provide customers with the goods and services they want. Most businesses attempt to make a profit, that is, make more money than it takes to run the business ”(Overview) Although being a business manager is a challenging and stressful career, there are still millions of people who desire to get involved. The benefits in this job must be the most important reasons why so many people choose this valuable career. The impressive income must be one of the various benefits that makes this career desirable. In addition, “top-level managers in large businesses are among today's highest paid workers and can earn much more than their counterparts in small firms” (Business Managers). A better life will be many of business manager’s goal. Nowadays, billions of people stand on the earth work so hard everyday to make themselves a better life. And what makes a better life, wealth is most simple and basic answer. Here are some datas from the database, “According to the U.S. Department of Labor, general managers had a median yearly income of $77,420 in 2004. The