Management and Organisational Structures Organisational Essay

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Chapter 19:- improving organisational structures

Organisational structure: the relationship between different people and functions in an organisation – both vertically, from shop floor workers through supervisors and managers to directors, and horizontally between different functions and people at the same level.

Organisational chart: A diagram showing the lines of authority and layers of hierarchy in an organisation.

Organisational hierarchy: The vertical division of authority and accountability in an organisation.

Levels of hierarchy: The number of different supervisory and management levels between the shop floor and the chief executive in an organisation.

Span of control: The number of subordinates whom a manager is required to supervise directly.

Delegation: The process of passing authority down the hierarchy from a manager to a sub-ordinate

Responsibility: Being accountable for ones actions

Authority: The ability or power to carry out a task

Accountability: The extent to which a named individual is held responsible for the success or failure of a particular policy. project or piece of work.

Communication: The process of exchanging information between two or more individuals or groups.

Internal communication: The exchange of information that takes place within an organisation (e.g. department meetings, in term briefing sessions and in memos to staff)

External communication: The exchange of information that takes place with