Management Control System of a Bank Essay

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O S Mukundan

In an organization, a variable is considered as an ordinary indicator of any business activity, whose sudden and unpredictable change warrants immediate action by the management. The nature of task, the technology and the environment in which the organization operates are the factors which greatly influence the identification of variables. An important function of an variable is that they indicate to the management the necessity for prompt action. A manager should identify a few variables that are crucial to the attainment of strategy, goals and objectives of the organization. Once they have identified, the manager can rely on
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But in its own way, it sheds a lot of light on the type of society and economy we live in.
For an emerging economy like India, it is vital to have sound financial intermediaries and commercial banking sector, which effectively mops up the savings available with the public and disburses credit to the productive sector in an efficient manner helping India to progress on the path of steady growth and prosperity. It shall definitely be a noteworthy attempt to assess whether some bank groups are better at delivering the required outcome. Using the econometric techniques over the time horizon of 1991 to 2006 and controlling for certain structural characteristics, it is revealed that the foreign bank group has exhibited the best credit deposit ratio, whereas some attention is still required in case of public sector banks where further scope for improvement exists.
CASA stands for current and savings account. Different kinds of deposits — current account, savings account and term deposits — form the major source of funds for banks.

The CASA ratio shows how much deposit a bank has in the form of current and saving account deposits in the total deposit.
A higher CASA ratio means higher portion of the deposits of the bank has come from current and savings deposit, which is