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Running Head: Growing Leaders

Growing Leaders P. Robbins and Coulter Golden Gate University

1. What do you think about Buckley’s statement that leaders and managers differ? Do you agree? Why or why not?
I agree fully agree with Buckley’s Statement. He stated that a leader is the inspiration behind the scenes. The leader needs to show proper ethics and work attitude for the employees to follow. When a leader is not fulfilling his or her role and only commanding instructions, it
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When there is trust and integrity there is peace amongst workers. Managers need to illustrate this to show their employees the right way.
Deliver results-Before delivering results, manager’s needs to set a goal. Managers to see where the company is going strong, and where it is hurting, after this, they can change things around. I believing delivering results means not only talking about change and wanting the business to get better, but actually implementing plans and taking charge to make sure they are complete. When the managers or leaders show their employees they follow through, one again is it positive actions that the employees see.
Raise the bar-You cannot always remain at the same pace and doing the same thing that just “works,” you want to continue booming in your company and making sure it keeps rising to the top. Raising the bar is something that makes employees never tired with their job, while using their minds to continue creating brilliant ideas. Raising the bar also gives employees harder tasks and motivation to make sure they achieve it.
Innovate resourcefully- this term fits well with the recession we are in at the moment. I believe innovating resourcefully once again goes back with building something bigger with something you already have. Lets say you are increasing your business’s technology, work with what you have first, and from their increase the benefits you can add. Work with less