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Words of Wisdom


secret of a good [seminar] is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible.”
(George Burns)

Business and Economics

Welcome to the wonderful world of ...

Advanced Strategic
Presented by Ralph

ACF5100 Advanced Strategic Management

Can you pass it? YES YOU CAN!
“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence” (Abigail Adams, 1744 – 1818)


Who is the Chief Examiner?
Ralph Kober
Associate Professor
(Week 1 seminar leader)

Phone: 9903 4541
Office: Caulfield, Building H, Room 3.63


A bit about me ...
§ PhD in Management Accounting, The University of Western Australia
Teaching History
§ The University of Western Australia
§ The University of Auckland
§ Shanghai Maritime University (contract teaching)
Teaching Experience
§ Management Accounting (undergraduate & postgraduate)
§ Financial Accounting (undergraduate – years 1 to 3)
§ Supervision of honours, masters and PhD students

A bit about me ...
Practical Experience
§ CPA Australia and industry presentations (Australia & New Zealand)
§ Reports to organisations based on research

Research Interests
§ Management control systems – strategic change
§ Usefulness of accrual accounting in the public sector
§ Performance evaluation in the not-for-profit sector
§ Balanced Scorecard – causation and implementation effects
§ Application of resource based view of the firm to universities
§ Quality of life and job satisfaction of people with intellectual disabilities

Other seminar leaders
§ Professor David Smith
§ Weeks 2 – 4
§ Email:

§ Ms Zhiyun (Maleen) Gong
§ Weeks 5 – 12
§ Email:


Who are you...?
• How many of you are studying full time? • How many of you are working at the moment? • How many of you have undergraduate Accounting degrees?
• How many of you haven’t studied much Management Accounting?
• Where are you from?


Mutual Obligations (our contract)
are expected to: § Attend all seminars (and advise us as early as possible if you are unable to attend)
§ Participate actively in all seminars
§ Contribute in a meaningful way to the class and to your group
§ Take an active role in any online discussions or forums
§ Meet the deadlines Group Consulting report
§ Come and see us ASAP if you are experiencing any difficulties!

We are expected to:
§ Effectively present the required material
§ Be available to discuss problems
§ Provide student feedback in a timely manner

Why am I here? What are we doing?
- See the ...

- Contains seminar program

But wait ... There’s more ...

- Seminar contribution: 10%
- Group assignment – management consulting report: 35%
- Including 5% individual component
- Final exam: 55%


Text Books
Atkinson et al

De Kluyver and Pearce

You will need these books!! 13

Other Reading:
Additional material will be posted on Moodle quite frequently – please make sure you check regularly
You will need to read this material to do well in the examination..!


Format of seminars –

Combination of:

Open discussion sessions
Group work
Case studies
Emphasis will be on practical application of MA


Case Studies
§ Case studies are a valuable learning tool, but many students struggle to work