Essay on Management: VBD Report

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1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this report is to discuss and analyse the significant rise in absenteeism at the Manila, Philippines branch. The Manila branch is significant to Moda as it is a major product manufacturer and distributor. The output of the branch is crucial to supplying demand for Moda’s products to the global market and therefore it is imperative that this issue is addressed directly to avoid further complications. Furthermore, it will examine the planning and controlling managerial functions that are currently in place at the Manila branch and provide recommendations in order to effectively address this issue.

2.0 Problem Defined

Moda is unable to function effectively without the input of a cohesive workplace.
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The managerial functions of planning and controlling are largely interconnected whereby controlling carries the business towards its goals by measuring performance and correcting negative deviations.

One of the most important functions of control is ensuring that products meet the organisation’s quality standards. Quality control ensures that customers receive products that have been manufactured to specification. Moda has a strong feedback control process whereby a final inspection examines the quality of all of its products. This ensures that all products meet the high quality expectation indicated in Moda’s mission statement.

Furthermore, feedback control ensures that all aspects of management align with the organisation’s code of ethics. These policies stand as a guide to all levels of management in every Moda branch. Managers are responsible for taking active steps to ensure that the organisation stays on an ethical footing. However, globalisation increases the complexity of ethical issues for today’s management. In order to be effective, a control system must fit the organisation culture and also accommodate for different values and norms depending on the location.

This clearly highlights the importance of controlling as a function of management in order to monitor product quality and ensure that the standards and code of ethics are upheld throughout the organisation. A strong feedback control system is essential at the Manila branch