Managing Business That Fail to Satisfy Essay

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TABLE OF CONTENT i COVER PAGE page 1 ii TABLE OF CONTENT page 2 iii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY page 3 1.0 INTRODUCTION page 4 2.0 JOB SATISFACTION page 5 2.1 BEHAVIOURAL OUTCOMES ASSOCIATED WITH JOB SATISFSCTION page 5 3.0 JOB DESIGN AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION page 6 4.0 REWARD SYSTEM page 8 401 ADVANTAGES page 10 4.02 DISADVANTAGES page 10 4.1 EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF CASH REWARD SYSTEM page 10 5.0 RECRUITMENT STRATEGY page 11 6.0 CONCLUSION page 12 7.0 RECOMMENDATION page 12 TABLE 1 How engaged are the employees page 15 TABLE 2 Model of how Big Five trait influence Organizational Behaviour Page 16 TABLE 3 Customer Service Trait page 17

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current work environment in DrainFlow and suggesting ways they can create more interesting and satisfying work for employee, and at the same time continue the effective use of specialization to reduce cost. We also look at the hiring and recruitment processes as that goes a long way to influence the type of employee in an organization.
The report finds the prospects of DrainFlow in its current position are not positive. The major limitations requiring further investigations and remedy by the management include: the job design and the recruitment and selection process and the reward system. These areas pose a threat to employee satisfaction which then affects their performance and attitude towards customers.
It is however recommended that working in teams and use of job rotation should be encouraged and more training on technical issues for the order processor and a customer service training in general for all staff. In addition employee should not only recruit experienced plumbers but also people with the right attitude for a customer service job hence the use of personality test alongside structured interviews is essential.
The financial implication of this new revolution might be felt initially but the benefits such as high performance, customer satisfaction, and regained competitive advantage over rivals such as Lightning is one not to over look or ignore.

The issue as to if satisfaction affects productivity has been a contending issue. Many wonder why employers have to bother about employee satisfaction. The realization of its impact in productivity has given most organizations a second thought. Ways to bring about job satisfaction of employee so as to harness the benefits they bring to the organization is a priority.
Whatever path an organization takes, there has to be a check and balance which shows the effects of such method and leads to issues for future consideration and amendment. However it must be understood that there is no perfect method to employee satisfaction as personality affects actions and reactions.

Research from Hawthorne’s studies led to a review of 300 studies which concludes that job satisfaction and job performance correlates (Dhiman & Mohanty, 2010). Locke (1976 p.1300) defines Job satisfaction as an emotional state; positive in connotation which is because of the goodness emanating from the job the individual is doing.
In addition, Robbins et. al. (2010, p.69) believes job satisfaction does not only entail job conditions, but personality plays a great role. What motivates us cannot be said to influence our happiness as people move from higher paying jobs to lower…