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International experience and graduate employability:
Perceptions of my personal international experience in the Switzerland and UK.
Nowadays, international students are increasingly making a contribution to the prestige and income of individual universities and the UK's GNP. Tourism industry is growing rapidly and it is a major source of employment. Some people argue that encouraging the development of tourism can produce a considerable number of jobs (Cooper et al., 2005). The global-mindset employability as a central driver of national competitive advantage, political and business thinking, creative, life-long learners and catalyzing demand for flexibility. Therefore this essay purpose to figure out my original motivation for studying abroad, and the importance of future career developments within my academic cultural experience in Switzerland and UK. It also discussed my future career planning at one higher education institution, and my approaches to managing employability.

29th November 2014, I was joined in an event at the University of Birmingham, which is helping international students to find out how to develop their global career. In my view, it makes me more confident and realistic on my view of working. The lecturer from British Council inspired me a lot. She's speech mentioned an online distance learning program Study, Work, Create could help more than 25,000 young students in UK work in China and India. It collaborates with IAESTE(International Association For The Exchange Of Students For Technical Experience) to share exchange and mobility. And this online program already got 2.6 million visited. I believe all of the students were appreciated to their university and facilitator to give them a great platform to broaden their horizon.

In fact, the employability of college graduates has governed many economic and education policy over the past decade, and they are easily employable. However, there are a plenty of literatures argues that, students and graduates are starting to know and manage their employability with the changes of higher education and the labor market (Tomlinson, 2007; Tymon, 2011). Moreover, There is a large number of literature has a strong national focus on employability in the UK or USA, and some of reference is made to the more and more international dimensions of Higher Education and graduate employability (Waters, 2009; King et al., 2010). If we are going to become the future effective tourism practitioners, then it is truly important to understand their notions of tourism employment. Besides, international students cannot improve this aspect of the experience without knowledge of the career intentions and attitudes. Therefore, insure that international students have a satisfactory experience abroad is really important. The experience of studying or working internationally, should be greatly exciting and rewarding (Kneale, 2008)

The visiting Program in Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne was one of the few brilliant experience in my college life. Before I graduated from Beijing Hospitality Institute in March, 2014. I was elected as a school delegate to join in Young Hoteliers Summit Global (YHS) in Switzerland. The Global Summit is held over three days at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) annually. The delegates are students, nominated from top hospitality management schools spanning the globe. Through a Creativity Challenge, Keynote speakers, Panels, Focus Groups, Workshops and Recruitment. YHS aims to provide a unique and profitable setting for all stakeholders, and contribute to shaping the employment outlook in the hospitality industry.

During the three days summit, I worked as a group seminar with team members from school delegates of Tourism and Hospitality in America (NYU), India (Bharathiar University), Switzerland (EHL), etc. Archer and Davison (2008) argues that the value of international experience is relying on the ability of business vision and self awareness from outside of