Mandatory Reporting Essay

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PEARSON (pages 169-171)

 Mandatory reporting refers to a legal requirement to report an act, event, or situation that is designated by state or local law as a reportable event
 all states mandate the reporting of certain vital statistics such as births and deaths
 many states require reporting of abortions and neonatal deaths
 federal and states laws mandate the reporting of communicable disease, including venereal diseases

 Abuse or neglect of minors and older adults
 abuse or suspected abuse of vulnerable individuals is mandated to be reported in most states
 nurse reports the required information through the
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 Although the law targets physician reporting, nurses need to be aware of the policies and procedures for reporting within their place of employment, especially those who are employed directly by their local health department
 For those diseases and conditions that are required to be reported within 24 hours, the initial report shall be made by telephone to the health department, with the written report being made within 7 days
 Each state has laws that require healthcare providers and hospitals to report certain types of injuries and illnesses
 Bullet wounds, gunshot wounds, powder burns, or any other injuries arising or suspected of arising from the discharge of a gun or firearm
 Illnesses that appear to be caused by poisoning
 Injuries caused by, or appearing to be caused by, a knife or other sharp or pointed instrument if the physician or surgeon treating the individual suspects a criminal act may have been involved
 Any wound, injury or illness resulting in bodily harm as a result of a suspected criminal act or act of violence
 Infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and Escherichia coli
 The