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I think that everyone should be a mandatory reporter. With more mandatory reporters we would be able to help more people who are abused and the people that are abusers. By stopping one family from seeing abuse we are lowering their kid’s risk factors on abuse. In abuse, people are reluctant to say anything. For a child, sometimes they don’t even know that something is wrong. In adults or the elderly, they sometimes think that they deserve the abuse, and if people aren’t looking for abuse it gets missed. By nurses missing abuse it most likely gets worse. It’s a little scary to me that reporting abuse is my job because that’s a big thing to put on someone and if you don’t report it you could lose your license as an RN. It’s not that I would ever not report abuse, it’s just if I didn’t know the signs or didn’t catch on to the abuse I could be in trouble and that’s the scary part for me. One part of the law that I do like about reporting is that no absolute proof is needed. I’m not sure how you really ever get that as a nurse.
For the interview process it wasn’t hard because I knew the person I was interviewing and was pretty sure that their partner was not abusive. But if I was interviewing a person that I didn’t know, I would be a little nervous. I think this exercise did help to practice and that I should practice some more before interviewing a person for real. Just like when interviewing people in mental health and having to ask about suicide, after a few…