Manny Pacquiao Essay

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Famously known to be ranked as the “number one” pound-for-pound best boxer in the world by several sporting news and boxing websites, Emmanuel (Manny) Pacquiao, also stands as a dedicated political icon. Although his boxing career is well in affect and taking up the main spotlight, Pacquiao’s political duties are well underway and are in full action. To gain better knowledge of Pacquiao, it is crucial for one to note of his personal background, political development and influences, along with his political contributions and achievements. With a better understanding of Pacquiao, many would be able to grasp and acknowledge how a boxer/fighter can be an idolizing leader as well.

Pacquiao’s Personal Background Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao,
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Political Contributions and Achievements Pacquiao’s role as a contributing humanitarian to his hometown, proved to be both his greatest contribution and achievement, aside from his boxing achievements. Despite him being already “well-known” nationally due to boxing, Pacquiao gained support in politics globally with reaching out to different countries such as the U.S. and establishing common grounds. Earlier this past year in February, he met with President Obama advocating for the Save Our Industries Act, a bill that was introduced to the U.S. Congress in 2009 that would permit Filipino apparel makers to import and use American textiles in the manufacture of certain garments, which they could then export to the U.S. tax free (Mannix par. 7). Later, he had a 30-minute meeting with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and recruited him to support his efforts (Mannix par. 8). Having this as one of his greatest achievements, comes to show that the people are putting their trust into the hands of Pacquiao and are having faith that they will see changes to come that would better their lives and lifestyle.
If it weren’t for his main achievement of becoming an excellent boxer/fighter, none of these goals and projects would be possible to achieve because mainly the benefits and