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05 June 2014
Marijuana: Why It Should Be Legalized
Do you really think Marijuana should be legal for such a long time? In my opinion, I think marijuana should be legalized already. Not only for medical uses but for recreational uses too. Marijuana should be legalized for various reasons, in today’s society it is the most common drug to partake in. If we were to sell Marijuana behind counters, the profits of selling it would boost the American economy, not only that but marijuana isn’t a harmful drug, it’s more of a stress relieving drug.
Marijuana isn’t this type of drug that people make it seem like it is, a harmful drug that can kill someone. It’s the complete opposite, it’s a drug that relaxes your muscles and puts you a relaxant state of mind.
To begin with, Marijuana is a plant also known as cannabis. Marijuana’s been around
America for many years and has a good, long history. Cannabis or Marijuana is made from the shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant or the cannabis plant. It looks like green, brown, or gray dried parsley. It is a mind­changing drug, it gets you really high and relaxed. If you take large amounts of marijuana though you will hallucinate and start to see things that aren’t really there. Marijuana has been used in many ways and has also been used in actual history. Marijuana can be smoked and is rolled into a cigarette­like type of shape.
Marijuana is also smoked from pipes, bongs, and also is eaten. Cannabis has also been used in

ancient times like 2737 B.C when the chinese used it for traditionally medical ways.In China during that time, the focus was on its powers as a medication for rheumatism, gout,
Hernandez 2 malaria, and oddly enough, absent­mindedness. Mention was made of the intoxicating properties, but the medicinal value was considered more important. After the Chinese used it for medical reasons, it spread and India and the Muslims used it recreationally and to get over the intoxication after drinks. Eventually throughout the ages, the English people introduced
Marijuana in Jamestown in 1611 and they eventually started cropping weed. In the 1920s, jazz musicians and others in show business were restricted to smoking any marijuana. “ Reefer
Songs” was the riot of the jazzy music world. Marijuana clubs, called tea pads, sprang up in every major city. These marijuana establishments were tolerated by the authorities because marijuana was not illegal and patrons showed no evidence of making a nuisance of themselves or disturbing the community. Marijuana was not considered a social threat. In the 1950s and ‘60s, college students and other citizens would use weed and it became a symbol of rebellion against authority. The Americans Narcotics department thought that Marijuana was too powerful and eventually pronounced weed as illegal because it would make people addicted to drugs.
Furthermore, people always think about the negatives and terrible things for weed. They never stop to think “Maybe there’s some positives of marijuana” but since it’s a drug they instantly turn it down. Well that’s why I’m here, there is positives to smoking weed.
being a mother who works all day, and has to come home to a dirty house that her teenage kids obviously caused. The mother will be filled with fury and stress. If weed was legal, the mother could just go to a store and buy the marijuana, she will be more relaxed wouldn’t have to stress

over the dirty house, and the mischievous teenagers that live with her. This drug could benefit citizens who have really stressful home lives, and also work lives. Also, according to some drug users, marijuana also makes them focus more and function excellent because of the extreme cautions they have to proceed to go on with their days.
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On the medical side, marijuana is a huge help for some patients who actually need it. For