Marijuana: Criminology and Marijuana Essay

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Ora Fudge
Professor Stewart-Alexander
25 February 2014
Many people believe that marijuana should be legalized in Texas. According to the NIDA, Marijuana is a substance that has become very much a part of American culture. Its use has been increasing among young people since 2007. The federal government considers marijuana to have no medicinal uses and a high risk for abuse. However, legalizing marijuana in Texas may cause more good than harm. Two states have legalized marijuana for adult recreational use, and 20 states have passed laws allowing the use of marijuana as a treatment for certain medical conditions (NIDA). Marijuana should be legalized in Texas because it could help the economy, and lower the crime rate.
The first reason for legalizing marijuana is it could help the economy. Legalizing marijuana will help bring America out of it economic struggle. For example, if marijuana were taxed in the same way as alcohol and tobacco it might generate more money to help the economy. Legalizing and taxing marijuana will reduce budgets deficits and generate new revenue flow. It will help communities and help increase the money going into the government and taxpayers pay. Another reason legalizing marijuana will help the economy is honest citizens could grow and sell the product. For instance, it would help bring in billions of dollars in cash flow to legal growers. Legalizing marijuana in Texas will help the people to get out of debt that he/she has accumulated. Finally, the government will be able to take over the market and begin money flow into the economy. Therefore, no longer will profit from the sales of marijuana go to the hands other than the government. Legalizing marijuana would be beneficial to the economy.
The second most important reason for legalizing marijuana is to help lower the crime rate. A lower crime rate will allow police officers to concentrate more on violent crimes. For example, most of the drug related cases and arrests made in the state are in connection with marijuana possession use or sale. For instance, it reflects the number of individuals or the amount spent on those who had their probation or parole revoked for marijuana