Maritas bargain Essay

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Marita's Bargain to be Success In this essay I am going to discuss the topic about to become a success Marita's bargain by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell talk about
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Her community does not give her what she needs" the story of success by Gladwell (266). I would like to say specially the reason of above for what she needs to go to KIPP. Because KIPP is that kind of school to be a success of Marita what she needs KIPP can give her. The KIPP's intention or aim is to make their students skilled and success in reading, writing and also in mathematics.

According to Gladwell, I think it is kind of necessary someone be forced to shed their cultural identity in order to receive a great education. For example, the U.S commissioner of education published a report by Edward Jarvis on the "Relation of
Education to Insanity" (253). I would like to say here relation of a light to darkness.
If there is no darkness the light is valueless. I mean light only need when the dark is present. As like as the same relation to each other cultural identity to get a great education. A child grow up in a culture and he or she learn a lot from here about good- bad, their relation with other, their circumstance, family status in the society, their identity and so on. A culture is the source of knowledge so it is very important to a child for his or her future life what depend on also to get a better education too.

Here from my opinion also