Argumentative Essay About Immigrants

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Do immigrants have the same opportunities and advantages as most Americans? The answer is within society and how most these immigrants are viewed. Many immigrants have to give up a portion of their identity just for them to have a better future for their kids and family. Most immigrants view America as the “land of opportunity” or the “promise land” because they view America as a new start in life and having more social freedom than where these immigrants started from. The main problem most immigrants face when coming to America is trying to fit in because most Immigrants give up their identity just to have a better lifestyle for the future. Many view it as an escape from their home country and also they have a sense of free society when coming …show more content…
This creates a hard structure trying to fit in the school system as a newly immigrant because they are not a custom to the American education system it is hard for teens to socialize and make a bond with their friends, this creates a sense of isolation or depression because they feel a lack of no communication because they are not able to speak proper English. Immigrant teens can also be exposed into new American cultures such as fashion, food, music and many other things they see the differences from their home country compared to American society this can create a feeling of starting over and having a better life but this can cause cultural shock because their original culture is very different from American culture. Cultural differences are also a main issue because it is difficult to adjust to the many differences of society, it is tough for immigrants to stay within their original culture because immigrants are trying to fit within American Society. These are the type of similarities most immigrants face when coming to America because it is reasonably hard to fit into society right