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Marketing Research
Musselburgh Race Course Proposal

1.Section A

1.1 Impression of Musselburgh Racecourse
Observational research can be defined as the systematic process of recording behaviour patterns of an item without the need to communicate, (Carl, Observational research was carried out at Musselburgh racecourse by witnessing and recording the needed information to outline a new potential target group for the racecourse.
Following the observation visit, the overall impression of the site was that it was of a very high modern upmarket standard and seemed to have more facilities than expected, such as its range of bars, restaurants and cafes to cater for guests. With the weather being dull on the date on the observational research, the number of guests at the racecourse was still high with customers making full use of the indoor facilities in between races , therefore it is only expected that this will continue to increase on better days.
Regarding marketing for future events at the racecourse it became evident that the company are very modern is terms of technology. With facebook and twitter signs on display throughout adverts it prompted guests to follow their page, in order to keep up with the latest information and upcoming events. Considering that the number of facebook users has risen dramatically from 0.5 million to 500 million within the last 6 years, ( Zarella, )it is almost essential that any company hoping to reach a target group uses social media.
Upcoming events such as ladies day are marketed well through the