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Market Research and Market Planning P4

5 Issues that our school faces

BTEC courses is one of the issues we face and have a huge impact on our school because some students at the school are not capable of taking exams because they find it hard and have failed many previous ones. This is why it is better for them to do BTEC courses so there is no exam but they are still doing a lot of work and giving the work in before a deadline. If there were no BTEC courses then all students would have to take exams and the ones who are not capable enough of taking exams will be hard to teach. This impacts on the teacher’s as well because they have to try hard to make sure all students get a good grade in their exams. This is why BTEC courses are available for those who don’t like exams.

Attendance is another issue we face as a school because attendance is important and the student has to gain a good education but if he is not attending then his attendance will be not good and also he will be missing out on education. Some students think that school is boring and truant outside of the school premises which also show the school that their attendance is low but also the truanting problem is because of parents. Some parents let their kids do what they want and think that letting them do what they want is best for them so some students chose to truant because they cannot be asked going to school and learning to gain an education. This is a huge impact on our school because attendance is a very important thing in every school.

Another issue that our school will face is that pretty soon, students will be only allowed to leave school at the age of 18. This impacts on the school in many ways because then there will be more students meaning the school will be too crowded and also the school won’t have any space. Because already there is enough students in the school but with approximately 200 more students will cause a huge impact on the school. Also the class sizes will be enormous with a lot of students and can cause lots of problems for example students not be able to focus and students messing about. This issue will also impact the school because of the courses there is available. A school doesn’t have courses such as hairdresser, technician, brick-laying etc. So students will have to choose from the available courses. This means that the school will have to either start teaching new things for the students to choose from or teach things that the students have qualifications for. This makes a huge impact on the school.

Our school faces an issue which is caused by the government for example government is now giving less money to our school and other schools but it makes a huge effect on the school. The school has to use they money very wisely and spend the least on things and facilities. The school also has to let some teachers go that are not as important as others because paying wages becomes a problem when the government cuts down the money the school gets every year. The budget cuts down so each