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William Renfrow
Daphne Friday
Book Report

The Brains behind Great Ad Campaigns

What goes into an Ad is much more than meets the eye and most of us have no clue how much effort and work it really takes. It all starts with the head of accounts to bring in and make the account happy. Whoever works in accounts is the middle man between the brand or product and the firm at all times. People in the creative department have work really late hours to come up with many catchy ideas and most never get past the boss but the few that do are brought to the attention of the customer and this process is done over and over until they find something that everyone can agree with. Groupthink is crucial when it comes to creating ideas that will spark a idea or even a campaign. The creative department needs to put there heads together rather than work separately for things to move faster and to come up with better ideas. The creative team seems to come up with better ideas when they have a fun time rather than sit around in a cubicle and scribble out ideas all day long. When coming up with these ideas and brainstorming, no rules really apply, anything goes. Trying to express what the company is trying to accomplish and what they stand for in the campaign is a difficult task but the best way to achieve this feat is by creating a voice for the campaign that really expresses and relates to the public what they stand for as a organization and what they are trying to accomplish in the campaign. Once you have determined the voice then the next step is promotion of the product and there are so many different ways this can be executed. This consists of everything from Pubic relations to Direct Marketing and everything in between. Once a campaign is starting to come to full circle you then have to decide if you are going to make it a National, service, or cooperate campaign. In any of this, it is important to stand out and be different. Create something that no one else has or has had in the past. This will create a buzz for the public and people will be eager for the product. Controversy is a gamble but is often a good technique that can be used as a advantage over the competitors because it creates a distinct advantage. A copywriter is the people that come up with the phrases that have been inked into companies as the slogan that they are known for. Many phrases that copywriters produce can push the company to the next level and they do not get much credit at all for the trademark because the firm they work takes majority of the credit. The copywriter is the heart and soul of the ad and they spend countless hours trying to come up with the write words that push people in the right direction to buy whatever it is they may be selling. The key to writing a good copy write is making it simple but at the same time it needs a deeper meaning or feeling to it. It is never a bad thing to sometimes not use proper English to help get a point across. They are seen almost as the backstage people that go into making a ad campaign, a lot of though work that is never really seen but without it, none of it would be possible at all. When the campaign may get off track does not happened very often but you need to keep a eye out for a few things. If the brand has a lot of history and loyalty and you do not express that in the campaign that will be a problem for many people in the company. If you are