Marketing and Promotion at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Essay

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Marketing and promotion at mandarin oriental hotel group

Marketing and Promotion at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

1.Introduction Page 1 1.1 Aim Page 1
2. Marketing Page 1 2.1 Marketing Orientation Framework Page 1-2
3.Service Marketing mix Page 2 3.1 4ps Page 3 3.2 Mandarin Oriental Hotel 7ps Page 4 3.3 Criticism of the service marketing mix Page 5 3.4 E-Marketing Page 5
4. Promotional Mix 4.1 The Mandarin Orientals promotional mix Page 6-8
5. Competition Advantage Page 8 5.1 Main competitors Page 8-9 5.2 Perceptual
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By expanding to the ‘7ps’ is highlighting important areas of the marketing mix such as the process used to deliver the service provide and the people involved that help the hotel reach their marketing objectives. Therefore this is evidence that the MOHG is marketing oriented and can link back to Drucker (1999) view that the MOHG wants to attract customers with their marketing aims thus, being a marketing orientated business. However their criticism of the service marketing mixes, I have highlighted the criticism regarding the MOHG.

|Criticism of the service marketing mix | | |
|More product focuses rather |Based on the assumption that|The controllability of the |No definite aims |Too simple and not broad |
|than on services |the business is pushing |extended marketing mix | |enough. 4ps does not cover |
| |products out to customers. | | |MOHG relationship marketing |
| |There is no interaction or | | |aims.