Marriage norms Essay

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Since the beginning of the human civilization, discoveries have shown that although human beings have always had the need to fulfill their basic needs (clothing, food, and shelter), they also have the need for interaction, curiosity, communication, and even strive for stability. This has therefore influenced religious beliefs and cultural practices among other aspects of a society which influence how a particular society upholds their rites of passage. For example, while marriage generally involves two people being joined in union, different cultures define the institution based on religion, social status, and economy among other facets. Rituals therefore define a community in terms of the people involved and their relevance, economic and social stature and the type of people one would expect to do certain things. When it comes to weddings, for instance, Americans tend to view the formality as a personal event for the couple being unified. The bride and groom are typically the center of attention and play a vital role in the planning of the occasion, although they may get some assistance from family and friends. Having mentioned the above, everything about the ritual puts an emphasis on the bride and groom and demands acknowledgement in return. Since detailing is an integral part of the ceremony, an industry has emerged that supports and economic growth although that in itself is dependent on the social status. Oprah, a high profile personality, would obviously draw attention if part of a guest not only because of her status, but her dressing. To me both weddings were similar despite the different cultural background, the weddings happened years apart but it was very interesting to see the similarity .One thing the two weddings had in common was that both brides wore special dresses for the day, in the Maria –Shriver wedding she wore a white gown symbolizing purity this was part of her tradition that been passed on for many generations. The Kwakiutl bride didn’t wear a typical white dress but her dress was special and symbolic to her culture . Typically in weddings, guests are expected to bring gifts to the bride and groom may it be in form of money or physical gifts, the gifts are exchanged during bridal showers or at the wedding . In the Kwakiutl wedding the gifts are exchanged before the wedding and even after the occasion is over .Exchanging of gift is another similarity this two wedding have , the gifts are a symbol of a new beginning for the newly weds. I just recently got married in August 30th of this year and experienced this first hand, I am originally from Kenya and we have traditions that we have to