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Marketing Plan: Phase II
To market properly a product a company must first figure out whom that target market is. Knowing what age, sex, lifestyle, and working class to market the product is the information required. A company must also understand how to market that product to the buyers and the consumers of its product. A buyer does not have to be the consumer and sometimes both are the same it depends on the product and the target market. Knowing, who the company competitors are, how, and where they sell their products is a key for properly promoting a product. Understanding where to find this information and what to do with this information is a key marketing tool that will make the promotion of a product
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The company knows that children and adults are the purchasers of its products. The company also gives due preference to customer’s need for the sake of existing in the market. The important part of discussion state that the organizational buyers are confectionary shoppers and grocery stores. The factors that led to influence the customer’s purchasing are that product so designed is basically sound to be appealing for children (Parry, 2004). Another important thing is that the organization gives due importance to the clients and tries to work well on their wishes and requirements in the best manner. The thing states that the organization believes to make customers pleased and delightful to the best possible manner. The important part of the discussion states that the company’s goal is designing products on the basis of customer’s requirements so that products fit his or her desires.

How factors will affect the marketing strategy Taste as good as the original is a large factor that will detract the organizational buys and consumers because let’s face it, a chocolate candy without sugar will probably taste like cardboard. Many buyers assume that because no sugar is added to the M&M’s, it is not thought of as candy. Coming up with a marketing strategy is difficult for sugar free M&M’s when most buyers and consumers already made up their minds that no matter how healthy the candy will