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Maslow's Hierarchy
Evelyn Gonzales
Psy 211
November 13 2014
Dr. Pamela Lemons
Maslow's Hierarchy
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs seem to be like a pyramid, that you need to complete before going to the others. His first need would be the need for water, food, air, and so forth. Without these biological needs we would not survive, we need all of them to survive. Another need would be security and safety. Some adults but mainly children are concerned about their safety. In adults it seems to be in times of emergencies that it effects them. Maslow had other needs such as affection, love and belonging. We have a need to give and get affection and love. We need to feel like we belong somewhere. We need to overcome our feelings of being alone and alienation.
Last but not least the two remaining needs which are, esteem and self- actualization needs. In esteem people feel the need to have respect from others and when not receiving that, they usually have no self-confidence and a person can be made to feel helpless, inferior to others, and worthless which is not a good feeling by no means. The last need is self-actualization. When people realize what it is that they were meant to do in life. When you realize that you are able to do what you were meant to do in life. It will make you realize that want you want out of life and make that happen. That would conclude the pyramid of needs and I would have to say that this make sense to me. The hierarchy of needs for the reason being that they all coincide with each other. Without one of the needs the pyramid would be unstable and possible crumble.
Maslow’s hierarchy relate to motivations by each and every need. There is a motivation behind it. For example the food and water you are going to be motivated to do what you have to do, to get food and water. For safety you