Essay on Master of the Grove ( Critical Analysis)

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A novel has more force and relevance if it challenges the reader’s assumptions about his or her own society.

Does a novel have more impact and relevance if it challenges society’s ideas and beliefs about his or her own society? The novel Master of the Grove by Victor Kelleher is an example of a narrative that has an emotional impact on society’s ideas and beliefs. Through the use of narrative conventions and language the author forms a connection with the reader intriguing them therefor they need to keep reading on. By understanding how language and these conventions work you can get a better perspective on the author’s purpose.

Authors use setting to help the reader establish a time and place and to challenge the readers assumptions about the world within the novel and the contemporary world. Master of the Grove explores many different setting each consisting of people who follow different beliefs and come from different cultures. An example of this is how the people from the woodlands are portrayed and compared to how the people in the castle are. This challenges the readers beliefs about how society is today in regards to wealth and whether or not society is divided due to people’s status. The novel implies that the woodlands people are of a lower standard therefor have less money while the people of the castle are much wealthier. In todays society this relates to people living in the city and in the country.

Authors have themes in a novel to exemplify the inspiration for why they started writing the book and allow the reader to form a connection to the book. One of the main themes of this novel is power. Power is so overwhelming it has the ability to effect every instinct a person has and change the way they choose to act upon it. An example of this is “ he is a creature… your young people have gone” (pg.95-96). Krob starts to possess so much power that he becomes a ruthless dictator who forces people against their will to give him what he wants. In society today this relates to government becoming corrupt. This influences the reader to think about the government and how the choices made through the government effect his or her own environment.

In novels symbolism is often used to communicate a deeper idea and open doors to new meanings through objects and characters. This particular technique challenges the reader to identify symbols within the narrative and relate them to today’s society. Throughout the book there are many objects that are a symbol for something. Two examples of this are Marna’s cloak which is used to symbolize mystery, secrecy and hidden identity and truth while the sword of the kings symbolizes great power, hope and the strength to fight for what you believe in. An example of this is “there were many fine swords… because it bears the sign of power” (pg. 61). This technique challenges the reader to look deeper into the narrative and create ideas about what they mean and what they relate to in the todays world.

Authors construct views of the real for us to read and interpret. These views are often hidden and represented by an object or character within the book. This is called