Errors And Compliance In Coding

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Errors and Compliance in Coding
Holly Gray
Linda Murray

Among the most common causes of errors in coding and billing is typos, incorrect dates, and double billing. Typos and typing mistakes can occur when entering the patients name or address. Rather they are just typing to fast or are not even trained properly. A patients name or address is one of the most common mistakes made when it comes to typos on patients files. Incorrect dates can be part of a few different errors. An example would have to be a patient may have been in the hospital for ten days, but the charge is for 14 days. The patient would be getting charged for an extra for days at the hospital. A patient may have had undergone surgery that took one hour to complete, but the patient is billed for three hours. Double billing occurs when the health care provider attempts to bill a patient for two procedures when that patient only had one, another occurrence may be that the patient may have taken one pill but receives a bill for two. Errors in billing and coding can be solved in a few different ways. Patients need to review billing statements when they receive them by mail, to be certain that the statements contain no typos, incorrect dates, or double billing. If a patient discovers an error, she or he can compose and send a letter detailing the problem and offering the correct information. Should the patient receive no response to that letter, he or she needs to contact the health care provider. Providing that no action is taken after this, the patient evolved needs to contact his or her state’s consumer protective office. When improper coding occurs that