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Mockery could go a long way, and when someone stands out from the crowd it becomes overwhelming to avoid the negative directed viewpoints of others. Starting from the Kindergarten I was the lonesome kid who stood out from the crowd. I never spoke during class and would have to whisper in my teacher’s ear so she could announce what I had to say. It was until the first grade when I started speaking up in class and from then on to the 4th grade. I was once again undoubtedly the individual who stood out. This time around, it was in a positive way. Whether it was playing Around the World, timed quizzes, and tests, or filling out math charts, I was repeatedly victorious with my lightning quick knowledge. All my classmates admired my math skills and were in a sense, a bit jealous. In addition, my teachers had appreciated and were impressed by my cunning math knowledge. Year by year, my math skills continued to evolve.

Starting from Kindergarten, I demonstrated exceptional math talent and had overcome any obstacle thrown at me. Back in Kindergarten, I was a shy boy and trembled with fear at the thought of speaking. The rest of my classmates however, seemed to enjoy and embrace speaking with one another. Consumed by fear and anxiety, I rarely or never spoke in class. As a result, I was viewed as an outsider in the eyes of my fellow classmates. From the day I started Kindergarten, I recall lying in bed staring at the midnight sky, as I lay still in a state of awe and agony. I desired to be that individual who did not care about fitting into society and being average, but rather offering something unique from which societies could benefit. Fortunately, as the year progressed I grew more comfortable around my classmates and began interacting with them. During Kindergarten, we worked on simple addition and subtraction. Following Kindergarten year, I was looking forward to 1st grade because it felt as though I had walked into a planet where kids dominate over adults. My goal was to show the school and classmates my uniqueness. During the 1st grade, we had proceeded into long addition and