Who is Maria Montessori Essay

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Practical Life Rationale Paper
1. Who is Maria Montessori? Please give a brief description of her life.
Maria Montessori was the founder of the Montessori approach to education, she was born in Italy in 1870. As a teenager she was an engineer, but later she studied her favor major of medicine. Graduated as Italy's first female medical practitioner she embarked on a career in mental health. Following on from this she was asked to head up a childcare project for a social housing initiative and her first 'Children's House' opened in 1907. Here too she introduced the equipment she had designed and observed the children very closely as they used it, tailoring what she provided in the environment to meet their developmental needs. There was
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Just as the material body first takes shape as a selfforming embryo, requiring during its formation the protection and nurturance of the...
Horme is an unconscious will power the urge the child on to do what he needs to do to aid his divine urge which guides the child and his efforts to their goal.Horme belongs to life in general, to what might be called the Divine urge, the source of evolution. This vital force for his growth stimulates the child to perform many actions and, if he is permitted to grow normally, without being hindered, it shows itself in what we call the "joy of life".
Mneme is is a supreme type of memory, which unconsciously stores impressions, which then become part of the child’s personality. So basically, the relationship of these terms is .. From birth to 3 the child's mind is in a period of mental construction. Dr. Montessori referred to this period as the period of 'Spiritual Embryo'.

7. What does Montessori mean by the absorbent mind and “sensitive periods”? Please define and explain.
The "absorbent mind" refers to the mind's capacity to take in information and sensations from the world that surrounds it.

Young children are a testament to the mind's awesome ability to absorb. A baby is born without language, and with few skills other than their survival instinct. From birth to three years they use their senses (hands, eyes, ears, and nose) to soak in everything