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Maximilian I of Mexico
Maximilian I of Mexico had his genesis in 1857 in a Mexican internal civil war. The conservadores (conservatives), with the backing of the military and the clergy, launched a revolt on, December 17, 1857. After this in 1859, Juarez was placed in the office of President of Mexico. Juarez took steps seizing church property. Once office he was faced with no funds, so he stopped payments for war debts to Spain, England and France. Spain and England withdrew from Mexico, but France didn’t withdraw. The Treaty of London was signed in 1861 for this purpose. N Napoleon III response was a intervention in Mexico in 1862, to establish a regime with the support of the Catholic church. . The Mexicans beat the French at Puebla in 1862; this is remembered as Cinco de Mayo (May 5). The French returned again in 1863, forcing Juárez went into hiding. The French plan for Mexico and Maximilian, lead to Juárez to ask for help from America. Once the American civil war was over, the Monroe Doctrine was used by President Andrew Johnson to help Juarez. Congress refused to support Johnson, in supplying weapons and funding to the Republican forces. Johnson’s response to Congress inaction was “he supposedly had the Army "lose" some supplies (including rifles) "near" (across) the border with Mexico”.
Maximilian was in his liberal leaning, which leads to him being dismissed by his brother Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria. He was the Austrian regent in Milan until 1859, at the time of the dismissal. Franz Joseph was angered by the liberal policies pursued by his brother in Italy. . Shortly after Maximilian's dismissal, Austria lost control of most of its Italian possessions. He went into private life, chiefly at Trieste, near which he built the beautiful chateau of Miramare. It was here 1859 Maximilian first approached was by Mexican monarchists to Mexico. He did not accept at first, he wanted two things to happen before he accepted, first to explore the tropical forests of Brazil; secondly, he wanted the people to approve of the monarchy. In a fake vote the people of Mexico approved, the monarchy, under direction of French troops occupying most of the territory. 1863, Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian accept the crown, never he was never told what happen. Which led many labeling him, historically in light of this as “Archdupe". In April 1864 Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian stepped down as Commander-in-Chief of the Austrian Navy. He traveled from Trieste aboard the SMS Novara, escorted by the frigates SMS Bellona (Austrian) and Themis (French), and the Imperial yacht Phantasie led the warship procession from his palace at Miramare out to sea. His decision involved the loss of all his noble rights in Austria, though he was not informed of this until just before he left.
The combination of the Liberal leanings and his sincere desire to help Mexico, led him offered Juárez amnesty, and later the post of prime minister, but Juárez refused to accept either a government "imposed by foreigners", or a monarchy. Mexico had a king earlier in 1821, when Emperor Augustine I which lasted for about a year. Internal problem led to the removal of the monarchy. Since he was childless he would later adopted two of Augustine I, grandchildren and makes them his heirs.
Napoleon’s ill-conceived intervention in Mexico, where he hoped to establish a client empire under Maximilian of Austria, proved costly and futile and seemed to threaten a conflict with the United States. And from the mid-1860s a new threat began to loom across the Rhine: the burgeoning power of Prussia, under the guidance of Otto von Bismarck.…