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McDonald’s Corporation

Although the United States has undergone many economic hardships throughout the years, McDonald’s is one of the great companies that has overcome obstacles and barriers to keep its title as the world’s largest restaurant chain. It has accomplished many of its goals and continues to use their ambition to succeed in the years to come. Although McDonald’s Corporation isn’t perfect, they give every effort to becoming a better company and giving its employees better opportunities. McDonald’s has pioneered food quality specifications, equipment technology, marketing and training programs, and operational and supply systems, all of which are considered the standards of the industry throughout the world.
McDonald’s has a philosophy that they abide by on a daily basis to ensure that each customer is happy not only with their meal but also with the company. The company’s philosophy of Q.S. C. & V. stands for quality food; fast, friendly service; restaurant cleanliness; and a menu that provides value. Their philosophy has been integrated into their policies and procedures and even influences their strategies. Internationally, its strategies are to be the best employer for its people in each community around the world, to deliver operational excellence to its customers in each of its restaurants, and to achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of the McDonald’s system through innovation and technology. Not only has McDonald’s has expanded its restaurants around the United States, it has also become a global phenomenon. Their strategy has allowed them to shift their abilities around the world. “Decisions on outsourcing production to a foreign subsidiary to maintaining wages and labor productivity to compete in global markets are common ones today for many organizations.” This has allowed the company to venture out have approximately 31,000 restaurants serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries. Every McDonald’s has a quality assurance process that involves ongoing testing and thorough onsite inspections of supplier’s facilities. Food preparation is closely monitored, as well as cooking and equipment maintenance and procedures. McDonald’s has also changed their menus to satisfy its customers by providing healthier foods and modified their menus to cater to local tastes. “Stores no longer have to carry out a standard menu. Franchises can experiment with new items and alter the menu to conform to regional and ethnic tastes.” When McDonald’s decided to diversify and go international, their main agenda was to attract untapped markets all around the world. McDonald’s will continue to be profitable and successful if they continue to make the customers happy by giving them what they want from a restaurant.
McDonald’s has also partaken in a social responsibility that has changed how the McDonald’s Corporation is viewed. McDonald’s proves that it just isn’t in the market for profits. “McDonald’s annual report states that “being a good corporate citizen means treating people with fairness and integrity, and sharing success with the communities in which they do business. Because of this, the company’s overall corporate strategy includes many charitable programs such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Ronald McDonald Houses, and Hispanic American Commitment to Education Resources.” McDonald’s is also helping society by supporting and providing education. “McDonalds is committed to making the restaurant part of the learning process by teaching self-confidence, self-esteem, responsibility, people skills, and time and money management. McDonald’s Education department also works with educators, schools, and its franchises and employees to coordinate the company’s diverse educational initiatives.” McDonald’s provides scholarships, assists employees with tuition reimbursement, and even provides grants to students so they can pursue their education.
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