Financial Analysis of Mcdonalds Essay

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Financial Analysis of the McDonald’s Corporation


I. Brief Description of the Company
The McDonald’s Corporation is one of the world’s most known and leading restaurant retailers to provide fast, convenient and tasty food to millions of customers worldwide each day. Headquartered in the United States and a company that began with small beginnings, and a simple burger it now has expanded menu that includes healthy food. Currently, the McDonald name and its brand serves to approximately 64 million customers each day, in over 333,000 local restaurants locations, in about 119 countries.
II. Company History
The McDonald name and history began in 1940 when Dick and Mac McDonald open their doors in San
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V. Geographic area of operations
McDonald’s is currently is located in approximately 119 countries worldwide. It has become a global phenomenon. It has brand that is known worldwide and is located in all the major continents and its menus are available in different languages and dialects dependent on its location. Menus are regionalized to suit the country, customs and culture of its inhabitants, but yet offer the products that McDonald’s is known for. For example, in Egypt they offer the McFalafal and in certain countries such as Morocco they offer special operation hours to suit the month of Ramadan for Muslim customers. In China they offer different dipping sauces, such as Chili Garlic in addition to their traditional sauces such as Barbecue or Sweet & Sour and they offer McWings.
McDonalds’ is located throughout North America; headquarter in the United States and operations in Canada, Mexico, Panama and other North American countries. They are located in several South America countries to include but not limited to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Suriname, Peru and Venezuela. They are located throughout Asia, Europe and even in some countries in the continent of Africa. The organization continues to expand and grow its operations within countries and introduce the McDonald’s name to new countries.
VI. Recent Developments
McDonald’s founded by Ray Kroc continues to be a phenomenon and that