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Introduction Manufacturing Unit 1: Mumbai Manufacturing Unit 2: Chennai Manufacturing Unit 3: Mumbai Manufacturing Unit 4: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 5 : Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 6: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 7: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 8: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 9: Delhi Manufacturing Unit 10: Delhi Manufacturing Unit 11: Uttar Pradesh Manufacturing Unit 12: Delhi Manufacturing Unit 13: West Bengal Manufacturing Unit 14: West Bengal Manufacturing Unit 15: Karnataka Summary of Industry Requirements Study Team

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Case Study Report
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However, their manufacturing capacity is limited at present. Their export has declined from Rs.42 lakhs in 2006-07 to Rs.18 lakhs in 2007-08. They are working towards becoming manufacturing base for foreign buyers.

National Productivity Council, New Delhi

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Case Study Report

Productivity and Competitiveness of Indian Toy Manufacturing Sector

Marketing Strategy The Indian toy market is on the highway to growth and has the potential to become one of the largest toy markets in the world. This is due to the high rate of population growth and the increase in GDP and personal incomes. Also, People are getting more aware of the importance of toys in shaping various aspects of children’s development and hence, giving them a holistic growth. Earlier, the market was flooded with imported and cheap toys from China. But, increasing awareness about the health hazards caused by these toys has forced people to away from them slowly. Retailers have now started giving more shelf space to Indian products replacing the Chinese ones, which shows that the market is becoming more favorable towards the Indian manufacturer. Competition from other Indian manufacturers: With the reduction in imports of Chinese products, the unit is looking at stiffer competition from Indian counterparts. Indian toy manufacturers have learned