Media's Beauty Essay

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What is deemed socially acceptable now is defined by one thing: the media. Whether it be who has the most control, how we should act, or moreover how we ought to look. To be specific, the media has created a definition of beauty. However, the definition that the media has given us is unachievable, which leads to the demolition of self-esteem for people all around the world. A halt to this unattainable achievement seems unlikely and even impossible, but with the proper mindset and education, this can be altered. The media has given characterization to someone who is beautiful; this is commonly (for women) someone who is tall, thin, has small facial feature, with light skin and eyes. Whereas for men, to be thought of as attractive you must be tall and well built (not described in any way as scrawny). A question that is usually brought up is: how do the media morph that image of beauty into our heads? As we have seen and discussed, we are taught at a young age how we should look and dress in order to be likable and beautiful. Young people receive this information mainly through television and the Internet – these sources cause an influence since they project what are role models to children, when in reality, they are just teen products (from What a Girl Wants). What is so toxic about so-called “flawless” idealistic attribute is that there is no way for anyone to come out of this as they were before. The media, whether it be magazines or television shows display people who go through life-changing procedures in attempt to be the media’s definition of beauty. When this sort of occurrence happens and it is there for the world to see, it has become accessible. In essence, if a sixteen-year-old girl watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians or some other kind of “reality” show and sees someone going under the knife to get a nose job, she will think that that is something of the norm and will want to have plastic surgery if she feels discomfort with her body. This contributes to