Media Bias In Politics

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Bias from the media has always been a controversial issue and it is something we need to look to eliminate. When the media do not present the reality of a situation, the audience or the public can perceive the situation as something that its actually not. With politics and the media, bias is usually associated with how the media covers candidates and/or political parties. For example, Fox News is usually considered to be biased towards conservatives, and its more favorable coverage of the Republican party. Fox News is opposite of NBC News, who tends to lean more liberally on the coverage of policies and candidates. The higher coverage of a certain party of political group is unfair for the undecided group in politics because they may only see one side of a candidate or policy, rather than both sides of the situation. …show more content…
The media has the social responsibility to share all mature material with the public in any situation. Mature media can vary from natural disasters, explicit language and extreme violence, but the access to it shouldn’t be a privilege, rather a naturally given right., especially in the free government the nation lives under. Depending on the situation, the press can organize information gained in a way that can still carry its message across that isn’t as graphic as a video, but it may not be as valuable as a video. It is up to the people how they want to receive information, so it is fair that they can choose how they want to hear about an incident, no matter the brutality. But ultimately, a video captures a whole scene, which is a better reality of a situation to the viewer than a picture is. Seeing an event take place is more meaningful than seeing only parts of an event alone, because the more realistic the coverage of the event is, the stronger of a reaction a person can get out of