Media Consumption Essay

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Matthew Falcione
Mr. Holman
English 101
September 6, 2012
Modern Personal Media Consumption Modern times of society have differed much from even a decade ago. From the very way we absorb content and communicate to the new aggressive forms of marketing, so much has changed. Ten years ago communication was limited to a simple cell phone call, postal mail, email and only as much as an Instant Message through a very slow 56k internet connection. Today there are endless ways to digest communication and informational content. It has been so much a drastic change in our everyday lives that losing these certain capabilities, even momentarily can easily put a damper on someone’s work and personal life. Each and every day we utilize the
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A newer more unique form of social media that I consume daily is Instagram. Instagram unlike Facebook and Twitter is unique in a sense that it allows only mobile users through its mobile application but as well is comprised of solely photo updates. Instagram for me is very addicting because it offers the ability to take photos, edit, and tag and upload them all to a feed in which your friends can view and comment or “like”. A picture is worth a thousand words and expresses more than a simple status update from the likes of the other social media sites. Instagram is very habit forming for me; I can easily say that I spend close to 2 hours a day utilizing this social media service. Although Instagram is simple content it does not have any confusing links and no ad space! YouTube is another form of media I consume. Although I do not use this site daily, it proves to be very entertaining to watch short comedy skits, documentaries or as well news content. YouTube is another form of media that was not available a decade ago in 2002 and offers a very diverse content structure that ranges from personal, home videos to small mini sitcom series and as well corporate media. I mostly utilize YouTube a few times a week for the comedy and documentary content that it offers, and