Ways in which New Media has Changed Fashion Consumption Essay

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Discuss the ways that new media has changed fashion consumption

New media has abled us to feel more connected with what is happening in the world, particularly when it comes to social network sites. Within this essay i shall be discussing the topic of how new media has an affect on fashion trends and how fashion brands use media to increase there fashion consumption. This essay will also outline how celebrities are used to promote and also increase fashion consumption within the new media.

Media has gradually evolved into our every day life over the last century, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. The Mass Media is so worldwide it is normal for us to receive free newspapers and magazine on our journey to work and to walk past hundreds of billboards and advertisements displaying the newest trends within the world and of course the smartphone. Being able to access media on smartphones has helped mass media step up in the world which allows us to constantly interact on social network sites such as Facebook, Youtube, tumblr, blogging and the two new upcoming sites which i want to focus on Twitter and Instagram.

You can consume it based on wanting to look good or emulating a certain lifestyle – or you can consume it with intellect and interest, as a way of expressing yourself.’ (Susie Lau – StyleBubble) Marketing/branding/advertising strategies help to shape cultural and social consciousness
They enable people to re-imagine themselves in terms of a