Media: Government and Big Brother Role Essay

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A prediction of how life could be like in 1984 but is actually seems like it’s what is going to happen later on in our society. The media mess up people’s brain because they are so focused on it and they don’t have time for anything else. Some points in the book are a little similar to our society today that a lot of us can really relate easily. The news was really important just like now; some people rely on that daily. In 1984, the government made you believe anything they want, either it was true or not just to brainwash them. For example when they say “2+2=5”, that’s what you have to believe and get used to that answer even though you know it’s not correct. Big brother would control them to even what they can say or what they cannot say. The media was a little bit like the media now. They censored some stuffs in 1984 because they didn’t want people to believe in that so basically they chose what could be shown to the people, just like today the television producers don’t show everything, they pick what could be the right thing to show to the viewers. Also the editors of the newspaper would pick the right and acceptable information that they want us to know so that they can put it in the newspaper. The way people talked, the language and the slangs are changed. People come with new stuffs to talk about. They make new dictionaries all the time that has new words that government pick because they want us to use it for example “mash-up” which is combining two or more things together. Some people consider that word as a slang phrase, because I asked a classmate if she knew that it was in the dictionary and she was really surprised because she really thought it was a slang phrase. Even the clothes you wear is kind off by the government’s choice because in magazines and ads they make you think that everybody is wearing it so you have to wearing it so you have to jump on the bandwagon. Big Brother was forcing people to be what they want by making them say whatever they want and making them believe in whatever they want them to believe in. Big brother even controls families and relation between them. They found every ways and any reasons to control people. They want people to depend on the government, because they thought that people would become rebels if they form allies so they don’t want them to be in any kind of relationship or friendship even in families. Just like when Winston Smith met Julia, they felt in love and then after they became rebels and O’Brien turned them in then they got really beat down. Families don’t mean absolutely anything to them. The government wanted to stop any relation that would cause people to reproduce more family members. Parsons’ daughter turned him n to the government but he was not mad but he was actually proud that his daughter was following the government rules. Big Brother wanted people to believe in him and love more than their own blood families. In today’s world, in order for families to communicate they have to organize family diner once in a while or maybe on holidays like Thanksgiving, New Year, or Christmas. Today world, your parents could play the big brother role because when you are still minor, they decided more stuffs for or at least you need their permission for it. Or even better, they decided little things like what you’re going to eat and your curfew and what to