Medical Marijuana Essay

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There are currently twenty states in the United States that have medical cannabis laws in place. The patients suffering from ailments that are most widely cited to benefit from the uses of medical cannabis include: sufferers of glaucoma, nausea, and chronic pain sufferers. Cannabis is widely regarded as an appetite stimulant. This appears to be a short list of reasons for legalizing a drug that has been illegal for nearly 80 years, however, this short list contains common symptoms of countless medical conditions. People who suffer from cancer, chronic pain, depression, PTSD and eating disorders generally display more than one of these discomforts that can benefit from the use of medical cannabis. There are even numerous treatment plans that cause nausea, poor appetite, and pain. Also, a quick search on exactly why the cannabis plant is illegal shows that the reasons for the ban were not strictly medical or scientific. Many people argue that cannabis should be made legal for recreational as well as medicinal use but the fight seems to have started for medicinal purposes. The benefits of medical cannabis significantly outweigh any negative consequences of regular cannabis consumption, real or perceived. The states that currently have medical cannabis laws enacted are, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington (1998). All of these states held a public vote on whether or not medical cannabis should be legalized and in each case, over half of the population of each respective state voted in favor of legalization for medical purposes. There are states listed that made this decision in the late 1990's which goes to show that this is a long-standing public policy debate. However, the fact that these states have been able to not only make implementing medical marijuana work for them but also that they have benefited from it goes to show that the legalization of medical cannabis is completely manageable and well received in certain places already. A few of the ailments that medical cannabis can bring relief to are glaucoma, pain, nausea, PTSD, depression, and suppressed appetites. While this is only listing four ailments, there are several medical conditions and even treatments that cause these issues for those who are already dealing with an illness. Chemotherapy is known to cause nausea as well as suppressing one's appetite. Pain is also common for people who suffer from various forms of cancer. Certain general antibiotics cause these issues as well. With so many side effects to medication prescribed to those who are already ill, why would one not prefer an alternative, which has been shown to provide actual relief? There has been so much research done in this field thus far that medical marijuana providers are now able to provide specific strains of marijuana for specific issues. There are strains that specifically bring pain relief and cause a soothing calm effect. Other strains are shown to help with nausea and cause less of a psychoactive effect so as to not cause further nausea or dizziness. With this much information available to physicians, there is so much relief that can be provided to those in need who are still experiencing unnecessary discomfort and pain due to legalities. While many people will claim that marijuana is illegal due to being addictive, dangerous, and similar to the likes of serious drugs such as heroin, this is all unfounded. First of all, there is no observable evidence that cannabinoids are physically addictive, and the anecdotal cases of "addiction" as reported by drug rehabilitation centers are misidentified compulsions. However, people can become chemically addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription medications which are all legal to those of age or who possess a prescription from a physician. Any one person may