Medical Marijuana Essay

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Medical Marijuana The causes to the use of medical marijuana in the United States are illnesses, cancer patients, and to help AIDS. There are some pros and cons to the use of medical marijuana. Most people across the U.S say they need it for a sickness they have, but they’re using it just to get high. Studies say that it helps people get relief from their illness but that does not make it a medicine. There have been many debates over legalizing this “medicine” or not. But there has to be a decision on whether it’s being used for the right purpose. Most teens and adults are starting to use the excuse of having medical issues so that they are able to smoke marijuana. Since it hasn’t been legalized in some places, people are selling it illegally and that’s what growers are banking on. “The number of regular pot users is up by 3 million in the past five years, and the rate of high-school experimentation is at a 30- year high,” ( Tony Dokoupil 2). In order to keep this in control, the law has stepped in and many people are being arrested. Many doctors and the dealers have been arrested for supplying the marijuana to people illegally. “Twelve states now treat a personal stash like a minor traffic offense, 17 allow medical marijuana, and this Election Day, if current polls hold, voters in Washington State and Colorado will vote to legalize marijuana-not for medical purposes but, as Rolling Stone recently enthused, for getting-high purposes," (Tony Dokoupil 2). Cancer patients use some sort of “marijuana” to help with chemotherapy. “It is FDA-approved to relieve nausea and vomiting in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy,” (The Myth of Medical Marijuana 2). A medication called Sativex, a mouth spray made from two ingredients from the marijuana plant. In Canada and the United Kingdom Sativex has been approved to relieve cancer pain and symptoms of sclerosis. It is currently going through FDA testing in the United States. “New medications that act on the cannabinoid system (where the THC in marijuana acts) are being developed to treat a variety of symptoms, but with fewer side effects than smoked marijuana,” (The Myth of Medical Marijuana 2). Marinol is synthetic THC made into a pill; it is used to reverse severe weight loss in patients with AIDS. “Like the AIDS movement, the fight for medical marijuana is driven