Medical Tourism Promotional Action Plan Essay

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Promotional Action Plan
Medical Tourism
Marvin Wilcox
Saint Leo University

Our marketing plan for 2013 will focus on several mediums that are aimed at providing detailed information on the company and services provided, reaching new targets and offering incentives to previous clients and maximizing exposure. Five venues were chosen to take full advantage of our budget of $100,000 .The following is a synopsis of each venue: 1. Building a website 2. YouTube videos 3. Social Media 4. Mass Mailing 5. Local Business Networking with Ambassador

Action Plan #1 * Action Item: A fully functioning professional website based in the U.S with search engine optimizing (SEO) at a cost of $25,000 to be implemented March
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This will provide a light consultation with professional to provide answers and resources for some the most frequently asked questions. * Description: This medium provides presence or the availability and willingness of our professional to communicate. We will use it for high quality of voice and especially for its free PC to PC service. Other supporting features include video conferencing, SMS, voicemail, long distance conferencing and inexpensive calls during travel. * Target Market: There are 500 million Skype users worldwide with 40 million users logged on during peak hours. Our target market are generally individuals between 45-65 who have a medical need for surgery and are looking to save money by travelling abroad. The secondary target is those that request a face to face question and answer session via Skype and have been redirected by our website. * Metric: Optimization will be recognized when 25% of site visitors and 5% of peak users request a professional consult session and of that number a minimum of 25% booking.

Action Plan #4 * Action Item: Our firm will engage in local business networking with ambassadors. This service requires hiring two individuals specializing in international tourism and medical administration at a total of $75,000 per year. * Objective: To facilitate procurement of visas, booking travel and airport pick up and drop off. We also wish to broker consultations with professionals, accommodate