Memoir: Family and Night Essay

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Nam Cho


As a child my father always told me to “Do what’s right” and to “stick up for the things I believe in.” I would always take in these wise words and life lessons that my father taught me and whenever it came to decision making, I would always look back to when my father and I would have these life lesson conversations. For most of my life I believed that because of these experiences my father has given me I was strong and confident in whatever decisions I made. This all came falling to pieces for me when I was faced with an impossible decision that needed to be made. The year was 2010 on a freezing cold New Years Eve night, everyone was excited and ready to ring in the New Year with the ones they loved whether it be friends or family. I was ready to do the same myself as my brother and I laughed and joked as we began to get ready for the night we had in store for us. Since the first New Years Eve I can remember celebrating I’ve been going to the same house party, but this year was different. Parents gone, the kids purely controlled the party planning now. I couldn’t even begin to explain my excitement, the saying “like a kid in a candy shop” didn’t even come close to the explanation. It was finally time to let loose and have a great time just us kids…or at least that was the plan. The Night began as planned, everyone was enjoying themselves and having a goodnight filled with laughter, music and fun. As midnight slowly approached, everyone’s excited slowly rose to a higher level. As a looked around at everyone I noticed that my brother and two close friends were nowhere to be found. I searched everyone in the house asking everyone if they saw them, finally one person said “I saw them walk outside towards the cars.” That one sentence immediately struck me with fear because being with those guys all know made me know that they were in no condition to b driving. I ran outside to find them getting into my brothers car so I ran to stop and confront them. When I got to the car my brother slowly rolled down the window and in a casual way just simply said, “sup Kev?” This enraged me because he knew exactly what he was doing so I replied not just to my brother but too everyone in the car by saying “Get out of the car none of you should be driving at all.” That didn’t get the point across because all they kept shouting was we’re going to get some girls, we’re going to get some girls” After a long period of arguing back and forth, I didn’t know what more I could do. That’s when I tried calling the owner of the house to come outside and help me reason with these kids that it was not worth driving. Upon reaching for my phone for a second my brother took off in the car to get away from me and I could see disaster slowly brewing. The rest of the night I had an absolute knot in my stomach, and I knew something bad was going to happen. About an hour past and all I could do was lay down and