Essay on Memoir: High School and Military

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The Life Changer Have you ever wanted to do something that would be different and change your life? In this case I did and it still affects me to this very moment. One thing that effected my education was when I decided to join the military. I decided to join the military before I entered high school. The reason I wanted to join was because my two uncles were in the Vietnam War and World War 2, they inspired me to make something of myself and do something with my life that most people would never think about doing. Also I wanted to contribute a different way to the country than most people would by working an ordinary job. After I was introduced to Air Force Junior ROTC (AFJROTC), my goal was to do good in school, so I can join the military. When I was in class, I was paying attention more because I knew I needed to graduate. I began to study more and do my homework a lot more thoroughly. I started to set higher expectations for myself in middle school going into high school. I had to start teaching myself things during school if I didn’t know them. I asked for more help when I needed it because I never really got anything in class. I started not to be shy about asking questions. When I started into high school, I got my schedule and saw that I had AFJROTC; I knew I was on the right track to get into the military. I met my instructors Master Sergeant Hood, and Lieutenant Colonel Bryan. They helped me through 4 years of high school to help me get into the military. They started to give me a simple idea of what the military was about and started to branch it out more through 4 years of having me in the class. They gave us all an outlook on how the military was ran because they made us do a majority of what they did. They gave me help for my classes if I needed the extra help and I took advantage of it. The things they made me do was come down during ROC which was a study hall and sit me down and give me the time to concentrate to study for a test or teach myself a math equation. Also they gave me help sheets when I needed it and asked an upper classman to help tutor me if I needed it. I was doing better in all my classes and doing my homework every night hours before I wanted to go to bed. I put the three values they pounded into my head every day of my life, those values were 1. Integrity first, 2. Service before self, and 3. Excellence in all we do. Those three values carried and stuck with me during high school. After 2 years of high school, I got a bump in a road with my grandma passing I lost all focus, then Colonel Bryan sat me down helped me regain my focus. My grandma was a big part of my life when I was young and my family was going