Essay about Men with eating disorders

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Men with Eating Disorders
Virginia I. Rivera
DeVry University
Professor Michael Gurin

When you hear about people suffering from eating disorders for example Anoxeria Nervosa, Bulimia or etc. Who you normal hear about a young female or older women right?. That's because when we watch television or read a magazine we see a female talking about them having an eating disorder or they feel as if they have signs of a eating disorder. So in the public eye Anoxeria Nervosa, Bulimia and etc, are concerned to be “female diseases”. Would you believe me if I told that men also suffer from eating disorders to be exactly 30% of men suffer from eating disorder. Which to be honest I found shocking I never thought of a man suffering from eating disorder. This has been a serious situation for many years that still goes unaddressed to this day and to be honest needs to change because females aren't the only ones who suffer from eating disorder. Males often begin an eating disorder at an older age than females do, and they often have history of obesity or are overweight. As for women develop a eating a disorder they feel fat because the onset of their disordered eating behaviors, typically they are near average weight. Men also made up to be strong and powerful and work out so they can build up their bodies to make them large so they can protect their skinny companion. Women are usually want to lose weight because they feel as if they fat but a male always seems to happy with their body because they don't think their anybody with their body and if they are concern with their bodies it only to bulk so they can have bigger muscles. Just like women, males get anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Many males describe themselves as compulsive eaters , and they binge eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa means a nervous loss of appetite, symptoms are refusal to maintain body weight or an intense fear of gaining weight. An inability to perceive one's body weight or shape correctly. Bulimia Nervosa means to binge eat and get it out of your systems by means of purging. Symptoms are recurrent episodes of binge eating and purging to prevent weight gain. Most men in wresting are affected by this disease instead of anorexia because they find it easier to hide. They can eat all they want in public but then they go get rid of it private. Out of 30% of men who suffer from a eating disorder only 10% have to courage to get treatment which isn't even half of it. Many also can't admit to themselves or others that they have a disease when they do. The men who do suffer from a eating disorder many of them have mental issues such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder. Also men who participate in sports like wrestling, gymnastics, or running can also be place a higher risk of developing a eating disorder. A study shows that men who watch television commercials with muscular actor felt unhappy with their own physiques according to researchers from University of central Florida. The 30% of men who have a eating disorder 15% of them are from the homosexual community because they live in a community where there is tremendous pressure to look fit according to David Brennan who is a Professor at the University of Toronto. They have high expectations about physical appearance and promote a body-centered focus. One story I read was about a older men who was gay and suffered from anorexia and M.E. He was from the U.K. Who came the United States for a year for his degree. Well he was here he gained a lot of weight because of all the food and the lack of exercise. So when he returned to the U.K he started to dieting and working out to get back into shape. He liked the control and achievement as the weight was coming off. He was eating very small portions of food and exercising way to much which was making him lose a lot of weight rather than gaining muscle weight. Even through his colleagues