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It is unique how our human mind works. Our power to describe an image to some and understand it is true beauty. The Mercedes Benz S65 AMG is one the most beautiful car seen threw my eyes. The performance, the interior and the technology are what makes this beauty a beast in the streets. First of all, the beauty of this car is the performances. It has astounding 738 lb-ft torque and 621 horsepower from it 6.0 liter V12 engine. From zero to 60MPH in just 4.2 seconds making it one of the fastest luxury sport sedan in the world. This car keeps up with most of your dream super cars like Ferraris and Lamborghini. Another example of its true beauty is outstanding appearance. Its larger body and its slick shape all stand out with its dark dull grey with metallic black twenty inch rims. The car out at night is beautiful. The head lights and lamps are a light powerful white blue making it look super luxury. Not only do they shine at night the head lamps look incredible during the day. The emblem in the front is what really makes the car luxury. My favorite features is dark wood grain trim it has inside of the car. It is the most stunning trim I ever seen in a car.
Finally the technology it has is so amazing what this car can do. One of the features is pre safe. This brake with pedestrian recognition has a stereo camera with long, median and short range radar that monitor the area in front of the car. This provides early recognition in the lane analyses at the same time this data is used to calculate whether there is a risk of collision. If such a risk is notified the system, it will warn you with a beep sound and screen on the dashboard and it will notified you. If brakes apply but not enough is applied that car will apply more pressure on the breaks by itself. Or if you do not brake at all and it detects an accident that car will break by itself and if you are going