Mercutio Death Scene

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In the visual text Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann is a story about two teenage couples who is struck in between the feud of their families the Montagues and Capulets. The feud doesn’t let their relationship last which led to their death. An important scene in the visual text is the Mercutio death scene as this scene shows how intense the feud between the Montage and the Capulet is, which leads to them killing anybody that would support their families. Blood relationships are not considered in their feud revenge is what matters. This scene also gives a signal to the audience saying their feud isn’t going to let Romeo and Juliet’s last. This scene helps me to understand the theme of effect of violence is a senseless anger that always causes …show more content…
The close friendship of Romeo and Juliet is shown through the use of close up shot. In this scene Romeo is scene putting Mercutio’s head on his lap while trying to wake him up from a sleep that he will never wake up from. The use of camera angle also helps audience visualise how a true friendship look like and what it would feel lie to lose a person that has been really close. This is not only show and felt through the camera angle but is also shown through the use of dialogue “aye a scratch a scratch” This was to show Mercutio’s strength when it came to fighting for his bestfreind Romeo. Even though he was stabbed and knew what was going to happen next the claimed the stab “a scratch” This shows that torture or pain isn’t a pain when it comes to friendship. This can be related back to the theme of effect of violence as it clearly shows how much violence can harm a wider population mentally and physically, apart from the victim itself. This reminds me of Shone Tunney who was awarded for unlimited scarifies as he died while trying to save his best friend from a gang attack. This shows there are people whole committee crime in the world, but there are people who committee their lives to save other. This also proves that they don’t share the same blood relationship but are have an artificial blood boned relationship of