Metaphors In The Rain Chapter 1

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Chapter 1. The audience is introduced to zits the narrator. Zits wakes up in an unrecognizable room to the sound of an alarm playing chiming tones rather than music. Zits enjoys music immensely, and thinks about his mother and the music that classifies her. Zits goes to the bathroom remembering he is in a foster care home, he counts forty seven zits on his face and billions that scatter among his back. Living in over 20 foster homes, Zits feels disconnected to both his irish and indian heritage. He knows almost nothing about his dad except that he to suffered from acne. Zits hangs out with the beggar indians sometimes to get attention which he is often not afforded, Zits feels the only way he can receive attention is through a negative light by acting out. Zits feels as if he will run away again soon. Edgar one of his prior foster parents was nice towards Zits until he beat him in an airplane race, edar then grew cold and harsh toward zits, from this zits learned to hid his emotions. Zits then faces his foster father, he ignores his foster family and when the foster father reprimands him, zits replies, “fuck you”. …show more content…
Zits runs away and continues until he is tackled by cops. One of the officers, officer dave, is one that zits favors. Zit is thrown in a holding cell with three other boys, the other boys soon leave yet zits is left in the cell. A handsome white boy offers Zits information on acne medicine, to help cure his acne. Zits seems distasteful at first but soon the boys slip into a conversation. The Audience learns that the boy hates