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John Gagnon
3 March 2015

Lab 1: Microscope basics and the metric system.
To test my general knowledge of microscope use and its components and the use and conversions of the metric system.
The use of a microscope and its components are extremely hard to use and will take numerous years of use to master and the use and conversion of the metric system is extremely difficult.
Materials & methods: Materials: General Use of the Compound Optical Microscope , Making a Wet Mount for Microscopy. Appendix C in the Campbell and Reece textbook Tape Measure, calculator, scale, kiwi, thermometer. Methods: Fist I watched the two tube two videos to get a better understanding of the microscope, its use and its components. I then reviewed Appendix C in the Campbell and Reece textbook. I measured the width of my textbook in cm then converted to mm, I then converted 100 grams to mg and micrograms. I then measured a kiwi in grams and converted it to mg and micrograms. Following that I was able to read in the text book and resources online on the proper way to read the volume of a liquid in a graduated cylinder and what a meniscus was. Lastly, I measured my body tem in and room temp in Celsius with the thermometer.

Results: In this graph you will find the components of a microscope, there description, how to make a wet slide and the conversion tables for the items above.


Eye piece
Used to view the sample
Focal adjustment
Two adjustment knobs, course and fine. Course adjustment is to make large adjustments for clarity.
It is only use on the first objective lens, if used on other lenses it could cause the slide to crack or
Damage to the microscope. The fine adjustment is used for optimal clarity and visual picture of the
Used to carry the microscope and the makes the separation between the stand and objective lenses.
Objective lenses
Used to magnify slide image 4x, 10x, 40, 100x times the actual size of the sample. ( I.E. a 1x1 inch sample would be 4x4 inches with the zoom of 4X.) Depth of field (the amount you are able to see through the lens of the microscope) decreases when you increase magnification and Field of view
( the diameter of the circle of light that you see when you look through the eye pieces) each different magnification has their own field of view. Total magnification for a scope with a 10x eye piece and a 4x
Objective lens is 40X, 10x would be 100x, 40x would be 400x and 100x would be 1000x. stand Used to hold the slide and position over the light source and objective lenses
Light source
Increases or degrees light needed to view sample. base Used to carry and maintain a stable platform for the microscope.
Used to place sample on for viewing. To make a wet mount you must first place the slide down and stir sample, place a small bit of wet sample on the slide and cover with the slide plate. The plate should not slide around. If there is too much water use a piece of filter paper to dry it up so the plate is stable. If the slide needs more water place a few drops with a pipit in one of