Mexican Culture Research Paper

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Being Hispanic is deeper than all of the stereotypes you see on tv. No we don't all ride horses and wear cowboy boots everyday. Not all Latinas are feisty and no we aren't drug dealers. I often get asked why I follow the Hispanic culture because I wasn't born in Mexico. More than half of my family members were born in Mexico and even though I wasn't I still take place in the culture.
A big part of being Mexican is the way we dress. For certain occasions we do wear boots and sometimes we wear a traditional dress that is often worn for special occasions. The dress is green white and red to represent the Mexican flag. It can be long or short but the most common dress is long and poofy. For males they wear sombreros and a suit that
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This celebration does have to do with religion but I personally feel like it's a big part of the Hispanic culture. This usually takes place late at night. Everyone gets together and dresses in Mexican attire. By Mexican attire I'm talking about cowboy and cowgirl boots, sombreros, and much more. We get together and pray to the Virgin Mary. The prayer is very long and detailed so it usually takes about an hour or more. We also sing songs and serve a variety of Mexican dishes. Some of the dishes are enchiladas, carne asada, and of course beans and rice. This celebration often lasts until 3 or 4 in the morning especially in my family. It's a good way to spend time and bond with family.
Being Hispanic but not being born in Mexico has always been a problem for me. Many people want to argue with me because I follow the Mexican culture. I've been told many times that because I wasn't born in Mexico I can't follow their culture. I think this is wrong because Mexico is home to me. It may not be where I was born but it's where my parents and most of my family were born and grew up. They've all taught me about the different things they do to express