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On page 218 in the textbook, you will see a section titled Case: Pizza USA: An Exercise in Translating Customer Requirements into Process Design Requirements. Please read this section and the associated questions as this is the topic for your Case Study Assignment. Don't think of this as "an assignment you are writing for school". Think of this as an actual business assignment your manager (me) has given you and your next raise, promotion, and future with the company hinge on your performance.

Your Case Study Assignment should be 5-7 pages of body in length and sufficiently answer the four assignment questions. You should have a title page, introduction, responses to each of the four questions, conclusions, and reference page. For question 2 (Part II), you will work as an individual, NOT as a team. Complete this part of the assignment individually and ignore the instructions regarding working with team members.

The case paper should be formatted as follows:
• Double spaced; one inch margins all around, Times New Roman with a 12 font.

• Have a title page with your name, date, course name, course reference number, professor name, and paper title.

• Written in APA manual 6th ed. format (an APA handbook is on reserve at Athens State University library and an additional copy is at the reference desk – the book can be only used in the library – you cannot check it out – of course you can purchase a copy at any book store for your own reference).

• The flow chart should be inserted into the paper. If you construct the flow chart in a program outside of Word, you will need to copy and paste it into your paper so that you submit one file only. The flow chart should not be